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By owning the entire production chain, Lamar Olive Oil is one of the few companies that can guarantee the highest quality product from start to finish.

Also available for wholesale, Lamar Olive Oil products can be prepared and delivered in the type and the size of packaging of your choice
whether in metallic containers, glass or plastic bottles commonly found on your grocery store shelves.

Lamar Olive Oil’s exportation experience and flexibility in addition to their important production capacity enable them to
meet clients’ highest demands and secure their role as a primary supplier of Lamar Olive Oil products.

White label





  • Interior epoxy paint ideal for food products.
  • Sizes: 592 mm in diameter x 932 mm in height.
  • 1 Barrel = 200 kg net weight (220 kg gross weight).
  • Specification: 4 Barrels in a pallet and 80 Barrels in a container.

Plastic GRG / IBC

1000l / 265 gallons

  • A plastic container with frame and the construction of the freestanding (access forklift truck).
  • Built-in dispensing valve.

Cardboard IBC

1000l / 265 gallons

  • An innovative container, used for installation, storage, distribution and disposal.
  • It is also ideal for domestic and international shipping.
  • Compliant with FDA, USDA and Kosher standards

ISO Tank

25.000l / 7.125 gallons

  • SO 20 Standard “container.
  • The best option for offshore sea shipping.

Tanker Truck

26 à 32 tonnes

The best option for road transportation across Europe.


24.000l / 6.300 gallons

  • Ideal for international shipping.
  • Compliant with FDA, USDA and Kosher standards.